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Your ScratchPad!

If you have made notes from a forum in the past when somebody has posted something useful you will love the ScratchPad! In previous versions of the forum, the ScratchPad was simply a handy utility for storing notes copy/pasted from the forum. This wasn't much better than using the Windows "notepad" program, but as it was built into the ftlogSUS at the time, it was more convenient. The most recent incarnation of the forum goes significantly further however.
  • Mark a topic or message for later retrieval - now you need not copy/paste at all but simply include a note of your choice. Use the "Tag It!" link when reading a message.
  • Alternativly you can still maintain a basic list of notes, which may or may not be related to a topic.
  • Best of all, the ScratchPad contents are now saved on the server - so you can retrieve and edit them from anywhere around the world.
  • The ScratchPad now also works in both the ftlogSUS and a browser.

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